About Us


Our Mission

A Fulcrum is defined as a foundation or support, and as the point upon which change occurs. At Fulcrum Clinic, we believe that fulfilling both definitions is essential when assisting clients in achieving their individual healthcare goals. We provide the foundation for meaningful change by providing the highest quality hormone therapy in a compassionate and accepting environment.  


Philosophy & Core Values

At Fulcrum we embrace a holistic approach to health and wellness, and we are pleased to offer culturally-sensitive, safe and affordable services to all individuals.   

We are proud to offer services in Family Practice,

Hormone Therapy, Women’s Health, PCOS Care, PANS/PANDAS Care, LGBT Health Care, IV Infusion and more. 


Our Provider

 Family Nurse Practitioner,  Mark G. Fergeson is the director of operations and, primary medical provider, at Fulcrum Hormone & Wellness Center. Fulcrum is a family owned and operated business located in South Oklahoma City. Over 25 years ago Mark began his career working in Critical Care and then moved into  Emergency Medicine where he worked until opening Fulcrum. Due to having family members with autoimmune issues, as well as transgender family, which have had difficulty finding appropriate local treatment options, he realized there was a need for a clinic specializing in these areas. Mark works with a wide variety of clients offering primary care, sick visits, and hormone replacement therapy and more for both women and men.